The Hipstor has been designed with comfort in mind and features a zipper cover to ensure that there is no rubbing or chafing of the skin. This will create a perfectly smooth and comfortable protection for your skin. You will hardly even know you’re wearing the Hipstor!

The Hipstor comes in Midnight Black or Fluoro Lime Green.

With its 4 large pockets, the Hipstor is great for holding all of your valuables, including large phones such as the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, right down to smaller phones, such as IPhone 4. The Hipstor is also great for storing credit cards, medication, and money and with the specially designed key attachment, your keys will always be safe and secure.

We recommend the Hipstor to be worn to a snug fit, as the Hipstor is made of stretch fit Lycra. The size one below your regular size, will allow the Hipstor to stretch to a perfect fit, minimising movement of the belt during activity.

The Hipstor comes in sizes S to XL.

Please see sizing chart below:

Hipstor Size Guide

The Hipstor is 100% machine washable making cleaning of the Hipstor an absolute breeze! Just pop it in your washing machine at 30 degrees and it will be perfect for you next activity. Plus, no matter how many times you wash the Hipstor, it will never lose its shape.

The Hipstor is made from a flexi stretch polyester/lycra material, which allows the Hipstor to absorb excess sweat produced during exercise to keep you feeling fresh. However, it is not completely waterproof.

All of our Hipstor users have given us great feedback that whatever activity they are using the Hipstor for, it does not move around or ride up. This is due to two main factors: The material that the Hipstor is made from allows the fabric to stretch and mold to each specific wearer of the belt. The Hipstor is also designed to be even on both sides to give it perfect balance. This means there is less bounce in the belt, which is the main cause of riding up or movement. If you feel that your Hipstor is slightly sliding around, we recommend trying a size down to increase the effectiveness of the Lycra.

One of the best things about the Hipstor belt is the massive range of activities that you can use it for. The most common use of the Hipstor is when out running or at the gym to hold your phone, keys, gym pass and keys; all the regular items that would normally be bulging out of your pockets and annoying you whilst working out!

There are also far more uses for the Hipstor: keep your possessions safe and your hands free whilst walking the dog or shopping, use as a money belt whilst travelling or keep your digital camera inside, ready for that perfect snap. It can also be used at festivals to keep your valuables safe, during a night out to avoid the need for an annoying bag, or anywhere in between.

The Hipstor is great for holding small items, such as keys. Hipstor features a specially designed key holder to ensure that they never come out of your Hipstor when working out. For the smallest of items such as coins, we do recommend they are put in a wallet or money bag first. Perfect for lipbalms, garage remotes, tissues, and all of those small items that clog up the bottom of your bag ad pockets. When turning the Hipstor over this will lock the openings against your body, increasing safety and reducing the risk of anything coming out.